August 18-21, 2022
Tampa, Florida

Effective Tap Swings and Turning Skill Development for High Bar

Power Training for Men’s Gymnastics

Training Plans and Periodization for High Level Routines and Increasing Difficulty

Elite Level Floor Progressions, Combination Tumbling, and Routine Construction

Understanding the Basic Skills and Fundamentals for Successful Parallel Bar Development

Generation Z on Staff: How to Understand, Manage, and Increase Resiliency in your Youngest Coaches

The Six Trajectories of Concussion: What a Coach Needs to Know

Not “Back-ing” Down: All About Back Pain and Prevention Across All Disciplines

Parents: The Key to Growing Your Business and Keeping Your Sanity

The Science of Positive Coaching: How Positive Coaching Improves Performance

Managing Micro-Trauma in Athletes

Xcel Panel Discussion / Q&A – Sapphire Pilot Program & Training Coaches

I Got This! Study and Test-Taking Tips for Judges

What’s New and Review for Level 9

Xcel Update

What’s New and Review for Level 6

Five Conceptual Principles for Refining Gymnastics Movement

Panel Discussion: Trampoline & Tumbling Q&A

Rhythmic Xcel: a Great Way to Jumpstart a Rhythmic Program or Add Competitive Options

Trampoline Drills for All Disciplines

Power TeamGym: a Fun and Competitive Program for your Athletes!

Coaching Through Mental Blocks

HUGS – Competitive Opportunities for your Gymnasts with Special Needs

Panel Discussion: Your Business, Your Questions

Got My KPIs and Now What?

Identify, Nurture and Grow Great People

Employment Practices We All MUST Know!

Club Services Update

Competitive Advantages, Competitive Barriers

Panel Discussion Q&A: Making Your Recreational Program the Best! Things to Improve, Manage and Teach

42 Floor Bar Drills for Class and Team

Making Conditioning FUN for Class Students!

Be a Super Teacher!

Motor Learning and Motor Development

Basics Before the Basics: Doing it Right from the Beginning

Training Athletes and Coaches: Q&A Panel Discussion

Floor Exercise: Front and Back Twisting

Choreographed Warm-Ups: 40+ Movements in 4 Minutes

Hopes to Elite Beam

TOPs / Hopes Update

Time to Learn! Hands on Spotting

Levels 4 & 5 Floor: Year Two – Am I Teaching it Correctly?

How to Set Yourself Up for Success: Hopes to Elite Uneven Bars

Coaches Toolbox for Success

Uneven Bars: Levels 3-5 – Concentrate on This for a Great Score!

Development Program Update