August 18-21, 2022
Tampa, Florida

Corrective Exercise & Functional Training for Men’s Gymnastics

A Step-by-Step Guide to Shoulder Perfomance and Health in Men’s Gymnastics

The Clicker System

Physical Preparation to Increase the Learning Curve

Sustainability and Growth of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics from the Pictor Group

What to Expect: Gymnastics During Athlete Maturation

The Influence of a Coach: Building Relationships with your Athletes and their Parents

Understanding and Managing Bullying Between Athletes

Gymnastics Nutrition: Separating Fact from Fiction

Understanding Mental Readiness and Body Language in High-Performance Teams

Navigating Reports of Misconduct

Return to Gymnastics After Injury

What’s New and Review for Level 7

NCAA Update

Panel Discussion: Diversity and Gymnastics Judging

What’s New and Review for Level 8

Xcel Mystery Uh-Ohs: Unusual Situations and How to Evaluate Them

What’s New and Review for Level 10

How to Start an Acrobatic Gymnastics Program

College Opportunities for Gymnasts in Acrobatics & Tumbling

Growing Your Recreational Trampoline & Tumbling Program

15-Minute Trampoline Rotations for MAG and WAG

Acrobatics & Tumbling: New Development Program – How to Get Involved!

Logging a Training Journal – And what to do with that Info

This is what you should NOT do: Lessons Learned

The Intersection of Professional and Personal Organization and Effectiveness

Amp Up Your Staff Training: Making Learning Stick!

Fearless Leadership: Developing Leaders Who Understand Yesterday and are Prepared for Tomorrow

How to Develop Strong Customer Service for your Business

Upgrading Your Organizational Culture

Curriculum Progressions, Courses & Lessons

Stations! Stations! Stations!

Lesson Planning

School-Aged Tumbling Reinvented

Parent & Tot Classes: Creating Moments

Forge the Habit to Hit in Competition: Practical Tools to Perform Under Pressure

Compulsory Tumbling: Teaching the Technique and Judging It

Vault: Drills to Introduce the Yurchenko Without Fear

How to Set Yourself Up for Success: Hopes to Elite Dance

How to Set Yourself Up for Success: Hopes to Elite Vault (Covering All Entries)

Elite Code Update

Levels 1-3 Beam and Floor: Did I Learn These Routines Correctly?

Uneven Bars: Skills and How to Transition from DP to Hopes to Elite

Body Shaping for Developmental Gymnastics

Trampoline Drills and Skills: Doggy Drops to Double-Doubles – Let’s Bounce!

Levels 3-5: This Information Will Improve Your Compulsory Vaulting!

Levels 4 & 5 Beam: Year Two – Am I Teaching it Correctly?

Warm-Ups and Ending Activities