August 18-21, 2022
Tampa, Florida

Vault: Using the Board to go from Elite to World Class

Rings: Strength Training for Juniors and Seniors

Keep them Healthy: Prehab for Optional Gymnasts

Gymnastics Gym Medical Management

Nutrition & Mental Health in Gymnasts: What’s the Connection?

“You Can Do It” Isn’t Nearly Enough: Intrinsic Methods to Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

Discussions on Artistry, Footwork and Posture for Floor and Beam

Landing Deductions: Too Much? Not Enough? Just Right!

Mistaken Identities: Elements that often get Confused

Acrobatic Gymnastics is your Answer to Avoid Athlete Attrition

Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Format and Recruitment

Acrobatics & Tumbling Age-Group Development/Competitive Program

Branding and Messaging that Gets the Attention of Parents

Five Big Wins, and Five Big Mistakes

I Got an App for That! Gym Care: Inspecting, Maintaining & Maximizing your Equipment

The Lost Skill Syndrome

How to Help Coaches With Class Management (Without Dripping Sweat)

25 Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Levels 6 & 7 Vault: Mechanics + Technique = Score

Vault/Floor: The Importance of Timers

Uneven Bars: Circle, Tap, Flyaway

Choreography Made Easy

How to Set Yourself Up for Success: Hopes to Elite Floor

Uneven Bars: Perfecting Pirouettes and Turns